And We're Back!

And We're Back!

Posted by Laura Wishart on 12th Dec 2019

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that our website has been out of action for a little while. We had been having a few technical troubles, but thankfully, the glitch has been resolved and we are back up and running! We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and encourage you to stock up on your wine supplies now for the next time this happens… Just kidding, it won’t happen again!

While we have been offline, a few exciting things have happened, allow me to fill you in.

We have released two new wines: the 2019 Riesling and 2012 Shiraz. Both are available for purchase on the website.

We have also had some success at the Wine Show of WA. The 2018 Pinot Noir won a silver medal and the 2015 Shiraz (yet to be released) won a bronze.

At the vineyard, there has been the usual activity: shoot-thinning, wire-lifting, canopy management and maintaining the vines!

I will write again soon!

Happy shopping!